Group Assessment Workshop

CTL presents workshops on Group Assessment

Thursday January 21st 2pm;
Wednesday February 10th 10am.

Collaboration and communication are essential skills for graduates. This workshop will explore how can you create and assess group assignments that encourage and measure group-working skills.

Register now at the CTL Calendar

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UPDATE CTL Speaker Series: Creative Thinking and Problem Solving: 21st Century Skills

The Workshop is now full.
There are some seats still available for the Keynote.
Register Today!

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CTL Speaker Series: Creative Thinking and Problem Solving: 21st Century Skills

Gerard Puccio: Creative Thinking and Problem Solving: 21st Century Skills

On January 25th Gerard Puccio,Department Chair and Professor at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, SUNY - Buffalo State will be opening the Mohawk CTL Speaker Series, in the Mohawk College Collaboratory.

He will discuss what creativity is, the related trends in education and around the world, why it is important as a fundamental 21st-century skill, and how we can
use creative thinking to solve problems.

Below is an excerpt from his TedTalk on “Creativity as a Life Skill”

You can register now for the keynote Presentation at 4pm and the supporting workshop at 6pm at the registration website

*Spaces for the workshop are limited - register now*

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Infographic - Adult Learning Theory

The Adult Learning Theory Infographic
Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

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Designing4Engagement Workshops - Dec 16th & 17th

CTL presents the workshops
Designing4Engagement: Design Thinking in various Contexts
Wednesday December 16th and Thursday December 17th

“Not everyone can make decisions for the system they exist within”, however, Design Thinking can engage more people, more often, more efficiently.

This human-centred, creative process is based on iterative sequences of prototyping, testing and refinement. Problem Solving that works.

Workshops can be taken individually or why not attend both?

Register today at the CTL Calendar

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New Online Faculty PD offerings

Six new online modules for professional development are now available as Open Offerings on eLearn.
These multimedia interactive learning modules were developed as part of the College Educators Development Program, and we are pleased to now make them to all faculty.

The Modules are:

  • Creating a Positive Learning Environment
  • Integrating Technology
  • Introduction to Assessment
  • Lesson Planning and Active Learning
  • Outcomes-Based Education
  • The Teaching Professional

The modules have been designed to allow you to enter and exit the modules as needed to provide “just-in-time” development. Readings, tutorial videos, reflections and hands on activities will help you build the skills needed to help you and your students be more successful. Each module takes 5-6 hours to complete.

Here is a clip from the introduction video of the “Outcomes-Based Education” module.

To enroll in the modules, go to “Open Offerings” in the eLearn Navbar, select ‘CEDP Modules’ and you’re enrolled. Just select the module you want to start with.

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MTCU Proposals for Online Course Development

Third time may be the charm. Once again, the Ministry has put out a call for proposals. Want to collaborate on designing a new online course for province-wide delivery? Inspired to develop an online module to be shared across the province? There is one week left to submit a proposal.

Worry not - you don’t have to go it alone! There will be opportunities to collaborate on the course or module development. Please consult the information previously circulated (and included here for your convenience) to know how to frame your exciting offering. If you have questions or concerns with the initial proposal to your Associate Dean or Manager, feel free to contact Dan McKerrall.

Good luck!

Here is the previously circulate information:

Call for Proposals

Submission Form

Sample Proposal

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Workshop: The Art of Creative and Innovative Teaching

Want to be more creative in your classes?

IAHS Monday 28th Sept. 2-4pm Rm 145

The Art of Creative and Innovative Teaching provides a fun overview of creativity as it applies to the art of teaching by exploring types of creativity, the impact of creative climates, champions and killers to our profession and how you can insert creativity into your activities. Current research on creativity in schools will be referenced.

Check out the CTL Calendar and join us for a workshop!

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What’s Your Superpower?


While recently exploring a course on Conflict Resolution, I naturally went down the rabbit hole and started chasing links and supplemental information.

I came across and interesting blog, themuse, and the article, “The one question all successful people can answer immediately”. At first, I did expect something a tad more profound, but realized the question was actually very keen and probing.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Serial entrepreneur, Tina Roth Eisenberg, says that all the most successful people she’s met have been able to answer this question immediately: John Maeda, who led the MIT Media Lab and Rhode Island School of Design, responded with “curiosity.” Maria Popova, who curates the popular Brain Pickings blog by reading 12-15 books a week, said “doggedness.” Eisenberg’s own superpower? Enthusiasm.

Knowing your superpower means you know yourself well enough to have a focus, and that’s the same competitive advantage that makes you so great at what you do. It’s the quality you’re most proud of, the one thing that makes you stand out, and what gives you an edge over everyone else.

So, if you haven’t ever considered what your superpower might be, do!

Enter your superpower here at the Answer Garden.

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Successful Semester Start: Part 2

Digital skills and citizenship

Even if they are not directly addressed in your courses’ learning outcomes, digital citizenship and digital skills are often core to your courses. Students arrive with a variety of experiences with technology and many need to boost their skills to be successful in your courses, college, and in the workplace. Mohawk College has two, new resources to meet students’ (and potentially your!) development needs.

digital citizenship

The Digital Skills Toolkit was developed as an open, in-house resource to train on foundational computer skills and competencies. It is an open offering in eLearn@Mohawk and available via the Collaboratory. The main concepts are also supported through f2f training compliments of the Tech Bar. Make sure to highlight this resource to students who lack basic computer skills - so integral to success at college and in the workplace.

Departments from across the college have combined forces to bring you This online repository of high-quality videos offers scaffolded training on hundreds of technology and educational technology topics.’s modular, accessible content satisfies your students’ “point of need” learning and allows for that wonderful serendipitous discovery as well! College departments are collaborating to bring your students playlists (curated videos) on a number of high need topics, but feel free to create your own or challenge students to create them for their peers. Access this wonderful resource at using  your college email and password.

Feel free to use for your professional and personal development needs as well! From its courses on Instructional Design and the Neuroscience of Learning to Digital Photography and Photoshop, you can learn anything, anytime, anywhere.

Feel free to contact your CTL or Library with any questions or concerns.

Graphic source: Daily Genius

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